Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alibag Town

Alibag has an identity crisis... Any sea face south of Mumbai is 'Alibag'. And those who actually land in the Alibag town are disappointed that the beach actually disappears at high tide and that there is nothing else in the town to see. Those who are only interested in ‘Beaching’ should be looking at other nearby locations like Kihim, Akshi or Kashid. But those who want a slice of history should certainly read this article. This article lists some interesting spots in the town along a 3km walk.

1. Angre Wada
2. Ali’s Grave and Well
3. Temples
4. Angre Vrundavan (Royal Cenotaphs)
5. Magen Aboth Synagogue
6. Fish Market
7. Koliwada with jetty and Fish drying yard
8. Bhaji Market
9. ZP building - Murals
10. Alibag Beach
11. Kulaba & Sarjekot Forts
12. Geomagnetic Observatory
13. Hirakot Fort & Lake

Other places of Interest but not shown in the map - Kanhoji Angre Smarak, Ramnath Mandir, Banjara Tanda etc.