Monday, June 16, 2008

Gulanch Wadi

Most Mumbaikars are aware of "Malshej Ghat" thanks to promotion by MTDC. People enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ghat, frolic in the many waterfalls and get drenched in the heavy rainfall. Rarely do people venture beyond this "Hill Station" in to Ahmednagar District. This district is home to many amazing sites which are crying for attention.

One such place is Gulanch Wadi a small hamlet on the Malshej Ghat - Ahmednagar Route. The claim to fame of this place is that it has a Natural Stone Bridge. Such Natual Wonders are created over millions of years when water erodes the rock. This is the only of its kind in India. Similar structures in USA are protected as Natural Heritage. But in India most locals also are unaware of its importance.

Under the bridge is a temple of Goddess Malabai, who is highly revered in this region. The river that flows under this bridge is named Malganga

Latitude: 19o 15'
Longitude: 74o 21'
Altitude: 777 Mts above MSL

How to reach there:

From Malshej ghat drive down to Ale Phata... then take the road to Ahmednagar (via Ane Ghat) Gulanch wadi is half way between Ale Phata and Ane Ghat. Half a Kilometer from Gulanch Wadi to the left of the road is the Stone Bridge.

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