Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walan Kond

15 Kms northeast of Mahad, Sahyadris are at their rugged best with vertical black cliffs. Between the Raigad fort and the Sahyadri Mountains is a deep gorge through with flows the Kal River. Water flow over the millennia has cut a deep channel in the black basalt rocks. This has created deep pools all along the river. When the monsoons recede and the river dries out, these pools hold water for the wild life as well as villagers during the dry season. They are called “Kond” is a localised version of the Sanskrit word “Kund”. The largest of such konds in the valley is called Walan Kond which is considered sacred by the local people. There are hundreds of massive fish in this pool which are supposed to be protected by the goddess who resides on the bank. To reach her temple, the locals have built a cable suspension bridge 30 feet above the river. If you stand on the bridge and throw rice or bread, the fish jump to catch a bite. This is quite unlike any spectacle you have ever seen!

Some words of caution… fishing is strictly prohibited here as these fish are considered to be divine. Also do not try to enter the pool as it is quite deep.

Latitude: 18o 22’
Longitude: 73o 48’
Altitude: 120 Mts above MSL

How to reach there?
The nearest town is Mahad on the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Take the road from Mahad to Varandha ghat and take a left from Mahad MIDC (Birwadi) to reach Walan Kond.

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When to Visit?
Monsoon really brings alive the whole forest around Walan Kond… but the flow of the river is so heavy that you will not be able to spot as many fish. Best time to visit is from November to February.

Nearby Places:
Raigad Fort
Lingana Fort
Singapurchi Naal

Similar Places:
River pools with large fish… Lat Kond near Pali (Ashtavinayak) and Tilsa on the Bhiwandi Wada road.

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vishal said...

Thanks, Bharat sir for the very informative blog.There is similar place in Wada taluka with same Mahasir fishes in the river with very similar story. Unfortunately, I don't remember a name of the place. It also have very similar looking bridge.